Where are all the elves?

Freezing their angsty, pointy little butts off somewhere....

In the frozen world of Edawar, the uldras (Frostburn, p.38; image here) have taken the place traditionally occupied by elves, although elves most certainly do exist (probably).

The fey uldras prefer to have no contact with the denizens of Icewarren, which they regard as a loud and smelly place, but they are not hostile and have, in fact, aided the city on occasion. When such encounters are necessary, uldras make it perfectly clear they expect to deal with a gnomish representative of the city. They simply will not treat with the orcs.

The drow, unlike their fairer kin, are a cold, hard fact of life to the people of Icewarren; perhaps they simply can identify more with the idea of a race of elves who have retreated beneath the surface to survive than with fairytales about tree-dwelling, carefree folk.


I may be a little biased, but I always like a setting that isn’t afraid to shift the importance off of the elves.

Where are all the elves?

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